Kitchen Lighting ideas
Kitchen Lighting ideas

20 Unique Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Wonderful Kitchen

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas – One of the vital rooms in our house is the kitchen. This room plays significant roles in your daily life because everything starts from the kitchen. All nutritious and fresh meals are cooked there. It certainly can be said that kitchen is your house’s heart. As the integral and central part of a house, you may look for kitchen lighting ideas.

If you recalled your sweet memories in the kitchen, you would understand how important the kitchen is. It was the place where your parents prepared your comfort foods. You might learn to cook in the kitchen with your elder sister too. Kitchen definitely brings lively energy and pleasant aroma to you.

Unfortunately, some people may neglect their kitchen areas. They tend to think that the kitchen is only for cooking. With a creative renovation, your ordinary kitchen will turn into the most wonderful area in your house. Renovation does not always mean big project.

You can make your kitchen look better and fresher with the help of great lighting. This is definitely not a difficult thing to do, right? You are only suggested to install new kitchen lighting. Without good lighting, your kitchen will be the same. These are 20 wonderful ideas for you.

1. Kitchen Lighting Bulbs

Kitchen Lighting Bulbs
Kitchen Lighting Bulbs – Image Source:

Do you want to bring retro nuances in the modern kitchen area? Kitchen light bulbs are one of best kitchen lighting ideas. Most mid-century kitchens use Thomas Edison light bulbs. You can do the same for sure. You only need to buy Edison light bulbs at many electronics stores.

The next step you must do is install and hang the light bulbs above the kitchen island. This might be simple kitchen lighting ideas over table too. It will be much better if you shop some Edison light bulbs and brass poles.

Overall, Edison light bulbs actually are not too bright or too dim. They can be said decent kitchen lights. It has a cool vintage look too.

Pros :

  • Really affordable
  • Awesome retro look
  • Easy to install

Cons :

  • It does not provide enough brightness for large kitchen

2. Exposed Wire Light Bulbs

kitchen lighting Exposed Wire Light Bulbs
Kitchen Lighting Exposed Wire Light Bulbs – Image Source:

If you like something trendy, you may fall in love with exposed wire light bulbs. Most importantly, you do not need to pay it expensively. Exposed wire light bulbs are simple and changeable as well. You have to prepare a brass pole, some light bulbs, and some cords.

To give an industrial look, you are suggested to wrap around the cords on a brass pole. Then you can install light bulbs as many as you want. Exposed wire light bulbs will keep your kitchen lighting ideas on a budget too. Because you can add your personal creativity.

Thus, exposed wired light bulbs are so unique and simple. You do not need to renovate your kitchen ceiling.

Pros :

  • Cheap light prices
  • Simple and practical

Cons :

  • Exposed wired lights bulbs do not look neat
  • Sometimes, you may get bored too

3. Kitchen Lighting Pendant

Kitchen Lighting Pendant
Kitchen Lighting Pendant – Image Source:

If you are looking for amazing kitchen lighting ideas, the kitchen lighting black pendant is one of them. You can choose the various model of pendant lights. Some popular pendant lights are made of glass or steel.

On the other hand, steel-made pendant lights are great to reflect mid-century kitchen. Do not forget to consider large-sized steel pendant lights. There are serious risks when you are not installing pendant lights well. It is better to ask professional help.

Hence, black pendant lights are suitable for any kitchen walls. Make sure you install it carefully because of its size.

Pros :

  • Nice neutral color
  • Durable material

Cons :

  • It is not suitable for low ceiling
  • Difficult to install

4. Kitchen Lighting Ideas Cathedral Ceiling

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Cathedral Ceiling
Kitchen Lighting Ideas Cathedral Ceiling – Image Source:

This is one of kitchen lighting design ideas. Cathedral design has a skylight and triangular ceiling. If you are having a cathedral ceiling, you are so lucky. It will provide you with natural daylighting from sunlight.

You can choose long triangular pendant lights for your cathedral-inspired kitchen ceiling.Pendant lights must be your kitchen lighting ideas over the island. Three pendant lights are enough. Pendant lights will become your kitchen lighting because there are no skylights in the night.

Hence, ceiling lighting ideas match perfectly with retro-styled kitchen. It brings cool vintage look. However, it does not look good in a low cathedral ceiling.

Pros :

  • Awesome retro design
  • You can install it easily

Cons :

  • It works only for high cathedral ceiling
  • Pretty expensive

5. Kitchen Lighting Ideas Country

Country Kitchen Lighting
Country Kitchen Lighting – Image Source:

Most of the kitchens usually use main light. This light comes from large kitchen lights. Differently, the country kitchen does not have main light. Instead of using main light, the country kitchen will be lit with downlights.

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Before installing downlights in your country kitchen, you must admit that downlights sometimes can not provide enough brightness for the entire kitchen area. However, if your kitchen is pretty small, downlights are obviously helpful in lighting your kitchen.

Therefore, downlights are perfect for lighting in your country kitchen.

Pros :

  • LED downlights are energy-saving
  • It can be installed easily

Cons :

  • Need some huge renovation on your kitchen ceiling
  • It does not really brighten your kitchen

6. Ambient Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Ambient Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Ambient Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Ambient kitchen lights never go wrong! If you are really into nature person, nature textured-kitchen lights are the champion of your heart. Please, do not judge these kitchens because of their rustic textures. You will be regretful when you forget to include these kitchen lights in your kitchen area.

There is a selection of natural material-made kitchen lights. Surprisingly, they also have perfect finishing. You can install kitchen rattan pendant lights in your kitchen. You may feel that your kitchen has turned into mid century kitchen.

Kitchen rattan pendant light has a unique model and will beautify your kitchen area. Furthermore, it seems like this kitchen light reminds you to back to nature. Are you getting difficulties to find out rattan pendant light? You still can replace it with wicker pendant lights.

Overall, rattan and LED under cabinet could give you ambient vibes. However, rattan is rare and LEDs are expensive enough.

Pros :

  • Quite easy to install
  • Enough brightness

Cons :

  • LEDs are not too budget-friendly
  • Rattan does not withstand the moisture

7. Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Diner Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

If you ever had dinner at a diner, you may get some inspirations. You can implement those dinner vibes in your kitchen too. Zonal lighting must be perfect kitchen diner lighting ideas for you. This idea puts more focus on specific zones in your dining area.

Before following these bright kitchen lighting ideas, you need to buy large pendant kitchen lights. Black pendant lights might be loved by you. The key is you have to look for pendant lights which have contrasting colors with your kitchen island. Black pendant lights are the rarest and coolest lights for sure.

Therefore, black pendant lights are so versatile, they can match perfectly with your diner-themed kitchen. Make sure you have a pretty large kitchen.

Pros :

  • Nice retro design
  • It provides a large amount of brightness

Cons :

  • It is unsuitable for small diner-inspired kitchen
  • It is pricey

8. Kitchen Lighting Beach House

Kitchen Lighting Beach House
Kitchen Lighting Beach House – Image Source:

When summer is coming, it is time to stay in a beach house. If you take a look of the kitchen in a beach house, this will be bringing you in a relaxed mind. You can recall your holiday vibes by decorating and installing kitchen beach house lights.

For the furniture in your beach house-inspired kitchen, you can choose blue-colored kitchen island, a kitchen chair, and a kitchen sink. Please, remember that ocean is your real inspiration. Bluish kitchen fixtures look like beachy nuances in your house. You can combine blue kitchen fixture with green kitchen fixture too.

Thus, blue-colored stainless steel pendant lights are mesmerizing. Since it is quite difficult to find, you may need to paint it first.

Pros :

  • Cool light design and color
  • It does not get stained

Cons :

  • You can not get them easily

9. Antique Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Antique Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Antique Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Sometimes, we are too bored with modern kitchen lights. If you ever felt this, you might have to change your kitchen lights very soon. Vintage-styled ceiling lights are indeed for you and those who do not like modern one. This vintage kitchen ceiling lights must be installed over the kitchen area.

Vintage kitchen lighting ideas ceiling will turn you back into medieval periods. This beautiful kitchen lights can be matched with your all white-colored kitchen furniture. You are urged to buy a dark-colored kitchen table and dark brown vintage kitchen ceiling lights.

Thus, antique kitchen lights can bring a nice contrast to your modern kitchen area. However, it may be rare to find.

Pros :

  • Wonderful contrast in modern area
  • Add luxury and retro vibes

Cons :

  • Quite expensive
  • It can not be installed easily

10. Kitchen Bulkhead Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Bulkhead Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Bulkhead Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Bulkhead light can be said pretty popular lights. It works really great both indoor and outdoor areas. You might find out bulkhead lights in some public spaces like supermarkets or car parks. They are also installed in commercial buildings and outside walls.

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Now, you can install bulkhead lights as your kitchen lights. Bulkhead lights are such great ideas. Although bulkhead lights are not included on your lists before, it is the right time to change your mind.

Overall, bulkhead lights are one solution for any kitchen size. It has an impressive brightness. However, you may renovate your kitchen ceiling first.

Pros :

  • It provides great brightness
  • It does work for all kitchen sizes

Cons :

  • It may be expensive

11. Open Shelving Lights

Open Shelving Lights
Open Shelving Lights – Image Source:

There are many bits of help for every mini kitchen owners. You can get plenty of light by adding some desk lamps on your open shelves. Those desk lamps will provide you a large amount of brightness when you are dishwashing or cooking meals.

If you are thinking about extra light in your tiny kitchen, downlights are the best answer. All small kitchen owners are recommended to have glass doors. This would be energy-saving.

Overall, open shelving desk lamp provides you brightness like you want. It is totally space-saving lighting idea.

Pros :

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Good brightness

Cons :

  • It is time-consuming to move it

12. Kitchen Lighting Ideas DIY

Kitchen Lighting Ideas DIY
Kitchen Lighting Ideas DIY – Image Source:

Do you like doing fun-filled weekend DIY projects? If your answer is yes, these kitchen lighting ideas DIY is perfect for you. Do not forget to give them try. For those who have an old-looking egg basket, please do not throw it away. Because you can turn your worn-out egg basket into beautiful DIY kitchen light.

After cleaning and preparing you egg basket, you need to buy Thomas Edison bulbs. You can paint your egg basket too so it looks like the brand new. White-colored egg basket is really liked by a lot of people.

First, you have to slide light wires out. Then you must restring up your light wires. Please, remember to keep pulling it until the light socket is on top of egg basket. After that put Edison bulb on your socket. You can install this DIY kitchen light by yourself. If you are afraid of electricity, you may ask a help of somebody else.

Overall, egg baskets are a real solution for low-budget people. However, it still looks good when it is painted.

Pros :

  • It is really wallet-friendly for everybody
  • Unique and simple design

Cons :

  • Difficult to install
  • Sometimes, it does not look attractive

13. Large Desk Lights

Large Desk Lights
Large Desk Lights – Image Source:

If you have a large kitchen area, size does not become a real constraint for you. However, for those who have a tiny kitchen area, this definitely is a big problem. The small kitchen makes you can not install chandelier kitchen lights. You are even unable to hang over-sized pendant kitchen lights.

There is the practical and simple solution. You could buy lighting fixture in your own kitchen. The perfect kitchen light for you is large desk light. You can put it on your cabinets or on your cabinets to give you a good amount of brightness. Interestingly, you could change and maneuver your large desk light.

Thus, large desk lights are so helpful for every small kitchen owners. However, you must move it whenever you need it.

Pros :

  • It has affordable price
  • Easy to put on cabinets

Cons :

  • You must always maneuver it

14. Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Are you a fan of mid-century accent? You can choose kitchen accent lighting ideas. They are still wallet-friendly tough. First of all, you have to own wooden kitchen fixtures. So, you may need to purchase a wooden kitchen island, wooden armless chairs, and wooden kitchen cabinets.

The next step you must do is install long LEDs above your wooden kitchen cabinets. Long LEDs must be above your kitchen cabinets helps to accentuate warm nuances in your kitchen area.

Overall, long LEDs definitely brings calmness and serenity in your kitchen. It does not need to hustle when you install it.

Pros :

  • Romantic nuances in kitchen
  • Pretty easy to install

Cons :

  • Long LEDs are costly

15. Mason Jar DIY Lights

Mason Jar DIY Lights
Mason Jar DIY Lights – Image Source:

Another DIY kitchen lights are made of mason jars. This is super simple DIY project. You only need to buy some materials such as wooden beams, metal poles, light bulbs and mason jars. Then you must hang DIY Mason jar kitchen lights above the wooden kitchen island.

You can also put white-colored kitchen cabinet near your kitchen sink. Mason jar DIY kitchen lights will match impressively with your white-painted kitchen walls. Glass mason jar DIY lights, caramel wooden fixtures, and white cabinets come together in your kitchen.

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Thus, mason jar DIY can brighten your kitchen area. Most importantly, it is very affordable. However, it takes too much of your times.

Pros :

  • Super wallet-friendly
  • Easy to create

Cons :

  • Quite time-consuming

16. Kitchen Bursting Ceiling Light

Kitchen Bursting Ceiling Light
Kitchen Bursting Ceiling Light – Image Source:

You will have unforgettable meals when your kitchen has nice fixtures. One of recommended kitchen ceiling lighting ideas is bursting ceiling light. As an instance, you can shop chandelier bursting ceiling light. It would accentuate luxury look in your kitchen area.

It is up to you whether you shop orb chandelier ceiling light or spherical chandelier ceiling light. Both are able to do a great job in your kitchen. The another option is you can purchase crystal bursting ceiling lamp. Once it is installed in your kitchen, the kitchen area will be more gorgeous. ‘

Overall, crystal bustling lights are obviously adorable. If you have the low ceiling and small kitchen, they are unsuitable.

Pros :

  • Beautiful design
  • Has a great job for brightening kitchen

Cons :

  • Crystal bustling lights are indeed expensive
  • It works only for high kitchen ceiling

17. Under Cabinet Lights

Lights Under Cabinet Kitchen
Lights Under Cabinet Kitchen – Image Source:

You sometimes may get hungry in the late night. So, you go to your kitchen and try to cook something. But turning on your pendant light is not a good option. So, you must have special kitchen light under your cabinet. This under cabinet lights is significantly important.

If you are still terrified of kitchen electricity, you are able to ask a help. An experienced electrician could install you under cabinet lights. They will work to ease your worktop in the kitchen.

Therefore, under cabinet lights are so useful in brightening your kitchen. However, LED strips need a large amount of money.

Pros :

  • Good brightness
  • Really helpful in the night

Cons :

  • It is really pricey
  • Difficult to install

18. Kitchen Bench Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Bench Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Bench Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Every contemporary kitchen has its own island bench. It becomes a strong reason why you need to think about bench lighting ideas. Medium-sized kitchen pendant lights could be your first option. Those glass pendant kitchen lights have been known for it nice look.

Pendant lights should be hung over your kitchen island bench. To give minimalistic design, you can choose all white colored-kitchen fixtures. As the examples, you are strongly recommended to opt white kitchen cabinets, a white kitchen island, and white armless chairs.

Overall, pendant lights become smart kitchen lighting ideas. You only need to have a high ceiling.

Pros :

  • It does beautify your kitchen bench
  • Easy to find

Cons :

  • It is quite costly for low-budget people
  • It can not be installed easily

19. Kitchen Lighting Ideas Over Sink

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Over Sink
Kitchen Lighting Ideas Over Sink – Image Source:

Every kitchen has its own window. So, it makes you think that brightness does not become a problem. The fact is you get wrong! There is no enough light when you are dish washing. If you face brightness issue in your kitchen sink, it is the right time to install ceiling lights. Because kitchen lighting brightness is important.

You can shop some ceiling lights with larger sizes to be installed in your kitchen. This will be fantastic kitchen lighting ideas above a sink. Small kitchen area usually needs one traditional ceiling light like Clark ceiling light.

Overall, kitchen lighting ceiling ideas over the sink are cool and really easy to install. You do need to buy a lot of money to get enough brightness.

Pros :

  • Kitchen ceiling light is cheap
  • It can be installed easily

Cons :

  • Large kitchen sink does not get enough brightness with traditional ceiling light

20. Kitchen Bar Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Bar Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Bar Lighting Ideas – Image Source:

Kitchen bar is an inseparable part of your kitchen. In this place, you usually have your meals and drinks. Never forget the function of kitchen bar whether your kitchen is small or large. Then, kitchen bar lighting ideas would be the crucial thing.

You can purchase long rectangular white-colored kitchen table. For the kitchen bar lights, you may opt globe lights. Do not forget to clean your globe lights before installing process.

Overall, globe lights can brighten your kitchen bar really well. It has strong material, but the design is quite boring.

Pros :

  • It gives a large amount brightness
  • Easy to install
  • It has strong glass materials

Cons :

  • Sometimes, it looks too boring

Kitchen lighting ideas are needed to decorate and beautify your kitchen area. You can choose low-budget ideas by doing DIY projects or buying quite expensive kitchen lights. Hope, this article will help you to sort it out.

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